April 21, 2011


Happy Earth Day! Well, I'm going to assume most will read this on Earth Day. What are you guys doing today? I already do a few things that people suggest (reusable water bottles, those cloth grocery bags things, electronics plugged into power surges, etc.) so for tomorrow I've decided that I'm going electronic free for 23 hours. No, it's not as good as 24, but dammit I need to read the nail blogs.
For the event I decided to join everyone in an Earth Day mani. And mine is...well, Earth! Nubar Earth. It was released in 2009 with the Going Green collection. This polish is beautiful. It's a dark green base color with a blue microglitter shimmer. Inside it looks darker than it is. Outside (which didn't come across in my pictures unfortunately) it's almost emerald green. It's just...preeeeeeety.
indoors, artificial light. tried to get a close up.
The formula was AMAZING. It went on nice and thin but with great coverage on one coat. I did two because that's my normal, but if I wanted I could have done just one. It dried fast (and I mean fast) and was easy to work with and is just...I don't even know what else to say.
I MUST get more colors from this collection. Are all Nubar polishes like this? Earth is my first and I must say, I am more than impressed. High shipping costs be damned-I will be getting more Nubars in the future.
indoors, flash


  1. Awesome colour! I love Nubar as well :)

    Good luck with the 23hours electricity free!

  2. Thanks for the comment! Yeah, this is my one hour of electricity. I hope I make it.

  3. Nice green! :-) I love Nubar (drat now I feel like I need to order more of it!). They make some great polish.

    I try to be pretty eco-friendly in general. I use cloth bags, a stainless steel Kleen Kanteen, CFL lightbulbs, etc. I have also been a vegetarian for 20 years, and try not to drive too much (I hate driving so that helps!). Tomorrow I am doing some volunteer work planting native and drought tolerant plants. That said I'm no saint! I just try to make a good effort! Happy Earth Day! :-D

  4. Good luck with your 23 hours without electricity! That's an awesome challenge! :-D

  5. Thank you! Yeah, I do the same things. At least we're already doing the small things, right? That can only be good. Aww, planting trees sounds like a great activity to do with Earth Day. Hope you had fun! :)