May 2, 2011

Two Random Swatches

So...I've worn these two colors before, but honestly I don't remember enough to write out a whole post on both of them, so we'll toss them together. Why I didn't write a post on them? I don't know. Probably another color intrigued me more at the time, or I got more interested in the purchases that had just been delivered (more than likely it's that one). So let's do this post starting with a China Glaze.
indoors. you can see more shimmer in the bottle than on the nail.
China Glaze Ingrid was a part of China Glaze's 2010 Fall Vintage Vixen Collection. I remember liking some of these colors, but not enough to purchase them. Except this one. Yet I always by passed it. I don't know, I got issues y'all. Ingrid is a dark brown color with gold shimmer. This polish is so much more beautiful on the nail than in the bottle, and it's pretty damn pretty in the bottle. The first coat is more taupeish, but the second coat makes it a nice deep chocolate brown. The gold shimmer isn't there if you just happen to glance by it, but put in next to any light source and it glows.
indoors, artificial light
The formula was great. Two coats, without it being too thin or too thick. Dried okay. I put a top coat on this and I think the shimmer lost a bit of its luster, so keep that in mind. But it's so pretty. I didn't want to take it off to be honest.
indoors, artificial light
Next polish is Revlon Perplex. As we all know by now, this a dupe for the much ballyhooed Chanel Paradoxical. There is no way I would EVER pay $20+ for a polish so I was never getting the Chanel. And I didn't find Perplex until a couple of months ago, at Big Lots no less. When I bought my bottle there were five left and I told myself that I would go back and get more. When I was finally able to go back they were all gone. :(
Anyway, Perplex is such a pretty color, but you truly have to see it in person. The pictures don't do it any justice. It's a dark, vampy purple with a lot of light purple shimmer. It does have that glows from within thing going on. It went on well with two coats. Drying time was okay.
indoors, artificial light
So there ya go. I love both of them and would highly recommend getting both, especially if you can get Perplex at BL. I think I paid $1 for it. Can't go wrong there. You know, I think the subtle shimmer type polishes are starting to be my faves. Something about that hint of shimmer when it catches the light just pretty yet understated. I think that's my favorite thing with nail polish now.


  1. I love polishes with subtle shimmer!

    I have both of these and they are as great as you said and showed :)

  2. Aww, thanks! Yeah, subtle shimmer rocks. :)