June 18, 2011

China Glaze-Cowgirl Up

The giveaway is over, but life is a bit hectic at the moment and I'll get to it ASAP. I promise.

So let's get to actual polish. Cowgirl Up is a part of the much loved Rodeo Diva Fall 2008 collection. You guys. YOU GUYS. This polish is love. I understand why everyone loves this collection based on this one polish. Yes one. It's just...aaaah!
outdoors, flash
The color itself is a deep dark purpley pink berry color that lights up in the sun. My pictures don't do it a bit of justice. Get your nails outside and you can see all kinds of pink, purple, and just a hint of blue shimmer. It's beautiful.
indoor, flash
The formula was outstanding. I had not one bit of trouble. It went on so smoothly I couldn't believe it. I have on two coats, but if I really wanted to I could have probably could have gotten the job done in one. Drying time was okay, but again I didn't really time it (I'm totally slacking in the timing department).
outdoors, sun
I want to say something else but I can't stop staring at my nice. I feel like my nails are sexy or something. And that's just a really weird thing to find sexy. But I do. I want to find an outfit that matches this polish. And usually I stay away from these color clothes. That's how much I love it. If you somehow don't have this polish (or any from the Rodeo Diva collection) GO NOW AND BUY IT. I mean it. Don't make me hurt you. :)
indoor, flash


  1. Ugh why was this the best collection EVER!!! I love each and every shade!!!

  2. You're right...this is a sexy shade of purple!

  3. GP-it really is! It needs to be re-released or something. It's amaze.

    KJ-Thanks. I usually don't go for these colors but it's great.