July 24, 2011


I know I said I was going to wear nothing but the OPI suedes that I have, but I wanted to test out the Revlon Quick Dry Topcoat before buying more than one bottle at that Rite Aid 40% off sale thing last week. So I needed a polish that needed a quick dry topcoat, and enter this one.

Braziliant is a part of Essie's recent Summer collection of the same name. It's a medium orange with pink shimmer. It's so pretty and very apropos of the season. The shimmer really comes out in the sun. I would never think of putting orange and pink together, but it totally works.
The formula wasn't the best. The few drugstore Essies I have I've loved and the formula has been amazing so I was expecting the same. Nada. This is two uneven coats and I probably should have done three. The color makes up for that. Drying time was okay. Could have  been better.
outdoors, sun
I've wanted this polish since I first saw the promos for this collection. I know I don't have anything like this in my personal collection. I just wish the formula had been better. Oh well. Can't win them all.


  1. Love this shade on you! I need to wear this asap. So many untrieds...smh. :) It sucks that the formula wasn't good. I felt the same way about French Affair.

  2. This looks gorgeous on you! Too bad about the formula--maybe thinning it would help??

  3. KayJay-thanks! Despite the formula it is really pretty. The pink shimmer takes it to another place.

    KarenD-thank you! I didn't think about thinner. I'll try that. :)

  4. This color IS awesome on you! :) Did you like the Revlon t/c? I've been testing it for about a week and a half now and I've got no complaints! I know top coat works differently for everyone though. You know, it's funny you said that about the Essie formula, before they were in d/s I rarely purchased Essie because I didn't like their formula, but it has improved since then.

  5. I was the exact same way about Essie too Nicole. Didn't like the formula so I was like, no thanks. But half off and I had to get it. And I've really like the drugstore ones. Good on Essie for improving the formula.

    And I like the Revlon topcoat. My only complaint is that the color drags on the brush. By the time I was finish putting it on the brush was almost completely orange. DNL. Other than that I'm all good with it.

  6. This is soooo pretty! Corals are my favorites to wear for the summer :)

  7. Yeah it is. I'm not a big coral fan but this one is pretty. Just sucks about the formula.