July 7, 2011


I have 102 followers! Holy crap you guys! Thank you all so very much for reading my little slice of internet.

So I had plans of wearing this and going out in the sun and seeing the holo goodness. Except its been very much overcast in Charleston the past couple of days. Some of it is rain. A lot of it is smoke coming in from fires in Georgia. Boo. So beware: the most unflattering pictures of this gorgeous polish follows. I apologize in advance.
indoors, artificial light
Everyone's seen Reclaim, so I don't have to go into major details about it. The formula was great. Two smooth coats. And I used my normal basecoat, nothing special. I actually expected this to dry a bit quicker than it did, but oh well. It's nothing serious. No topcoat.
indoors, artificial light
I also have to acknowledge that the wear of this is fantastic. I usually get a chip in my nail polish the next day at the latest. Outside of showing the peel in my nail on my middle finger, the polish has lasted quite nicely without the tc.
indoors, artificial light. trying for a closeup here.
Green holo goodness. Love it. Another polish I think every fanatic should have in the collection.


  1. This is such a beauty, and I think that you got some good photos of it! :)

  2. wooow. i want this one...i like pink...but green is my fav color. haha

  3. Yeah, green is a great color. This is definitely one that should be in the collection.