July 1, 2011


Just a quick post today because I've got a crazy amount of schoolwork to do if I actually want to enjoy the 4th. Plus, I'm pretty sure everyone has seen this polish one too many times already.
Caitlin was a part of Zoya's Spring Collection from this year. It's a muted purple grey creme. When this collection first came out this was the only one I was actually excited about and after finally getting it it doesn't disappoint.
indoors, flash
What does disappoint is the formula. Now, I've had a great streak with Zoya cremes so far. I've only had to do one coat with every one of them so far. No dice with this one. The first coat is streaky and a second is a must to even things out. And the drying time was another downer. It didn't dry as fast as other Zoya cremes for me. But again, I only used one coat with those so that's probably why.
With all that said, I really do love this polish. I feel like this is a professional polish without having to go all the way conservative. It's a nice one to have in the collection.


  1. Caitlin is one of my favorite Zoyas!

    Awards? You got some! ;)


  2. I <3 Caitlin! Its one of my fav Zoyas.

  3. Wendy-Thank you! I really appreciate it. :)

    I don't know of a person that doesn't like Caitlin. I love that there are colors out there that is just universally liked.