January 2, 2012

China Glaze-Blue Year's Eve and Finger Paints-Motley

Happy New Year y'all! I hope you all had a wonderful and safe New Year's celebration. During the last week of December I did a bit of nail shopping. A few things online, some discount items from Sally's. And I got from Sally's these two polishes. Of course I'm going to wear a polish called Blue Year's Eve on New Year's Eve, so that was a given. And they finally (finally!) put out the Finger Paints flakies collection. So I decided to combine the two. And oh you guys. I'm in love.
indoors, artificial light
Blue Year's Eve is a dark royal blue almost jelly with lots of little glass flecks in it. The polish in certain lights flash purple which you don't really see in the bottle, but comes more than across on the nail. The formula on this is thin (ridiculously thin to be honest) but it dries oh so quickly. The picture above is of three coats, which is definitely needed in my opinion. Two coats and I still had bald spots. Still do a bit, but since I was putting on Motley I didn't care too much. I wish the purple showed up in this pic, but honestly this was the best I could get. Damn fading daylight.
excuse my weird skin coloring. had to change settings on my camera to pick up the flakies.
I knew from the beginning that I was going to layer one of the flakies on top of this, just to see how the flecks in BYE would show against the flakies. Since Motley is the blue/green flakie I went with that one. At one coat I wasn't impressed, but two did the trick.
indoors, artificial light. close up.
This is so gorgeous. You can't see it all that much in pictures, but in person you can see the blue/green flakies of Motley AND the glass flecks/glitter of BYE shining through. There isn't so much of a contrast as it's like the two are working together. Motley dried a bit slowly, but nothing too troubling about it. Especially after I put a coat of Seche Vite on top.

I love this. Oh so much. There are times where you can see the purple shimmer of BYE and the green flakes and the blue flakes of Motley. It was the perfect NYE mani for me (of course I'll be ringing in a new year in my favorite color). It's special without being over the top. I don't have to tell you to get Motley (I'd hope you guys know that already) but I'd highly recommend Blue Year's Eve. That purple shimmer is unexpected but pretty. Nice surprise. And can we already call 2012 the Year of the Flakies? I have a feeling it's going to be a big thing. Finger Paints already, Zoya coming up. Why do I have the feeling these won't be the only big brands releasing flakies this year? I just hope there will be some variety

Speaking of New Year's, do you guys have any nail resolutions? I have just a few:

1. Wear more colors outside of my comfort zone. (reds, pinks, beiges, bright yellows, neons, etc.)
2. Start wearing more glitter.
3. Buy one ridiculously price nail polish for the hell of it.
4. Get my nails to stop peeling.

That's really it. Is it strange to make resolutions for your nails (or nail polishing in general)? I hope not cause I like those resolutions and think they're all doable for me this year. Anything you guys wish to accomplish this year?


  1. Blue year's eve is so pretty and I love the flakie over it :)

    I always seem to get peeling during the winter months.

  2. Thank you. :)

    I've struggled with it for a while. I'm hoping to get it situated this year.

  3. You're right...we definitely were twins for NYE! Love it!