January 9, 2012

A-England-Lady of the Lake

Super quick post. School started today and I'm quite pissed that I had to drop $350 on books. Plus, these pictures are the suck. Like, the biggest fail of pictures ever. But let's get to it.

I'm finally wearing my other A-England polish, Lady of the Lake. It's a dark purple scattered holo polish. You can see a few bald spots in the pictures and I'm not liking that, but it's way less visible in person. But that's one me as the formula was pretty good. I did two thin coats here but on my other hand I did one thick and one medium coat and I didn't have bald spots there. So blame me for them here.
indoors, artificial light
The scattered holo is diminished by a top coat unfortunately. It's way more visible just in the polish itself. The drying time was on the slower side, but if you're not busy one day it would benefit you to just let it dry on its own.
outdoors, sun
Despite the slow dry time and my crap painting job, I really like this polish. The dark purple, on its own without any holo, is gorgeous. Adding the scattered holo just adds something extra to a beautiful polish. Out of the two I own I prefer Tristam, but you can't go wrong with this one. It's a nice one to have in the collection.