January 23, 2011

Diamond Cosmetics-Concrete Jungle

Hello. Today I have Diamond Cosmetics Concrete Jungle to show. After doing a little research online (aka googling) of the polish I’ve found out that it was a part of their Ring In The New Year 2010 Collection. Also saw some say it was a dupe for Rescue Beauty Lounge’s polish of the same name, but I’m not going to say if it is or isn’t. I’ve never used RBL’s version so I don’t know.

no top coat

Anyhoo, this is a light gray creme that does say Spring to me and I wish I had gotten it back then in 2010 because I love it. Before this my favorite DC polish was Don’t Teal My Heart Away because of the color. Now it’s this. There are so many great things about this polish. First, it was opaque in one coat. ONE COAT. I love a polish that has great coverage in one coat. It dried shiny relatively fast. And, unlike other DC polishes I have, it was thin. Well, thinner then their usual. Heck, I even matted one of the nails (doing a mini little accent) and it looked great matte. For the record, I love matte polishes so this may be a bit biased. :)

With that said, there was one negative. Look at the picture below.
I originally got this during their Black Friday sale where shipping was free and this is how the bottle arrived. None of the other polishes I ordered came like this. It is a bit hard to open because of the polish on the side. And you can obviously see the color separating some. With that said, the positives far out weight the negatives. It’s a great color with a great formula. If you don’t have this color I highly suggest you get it. Unless you hate grays, you won’t regret it.

As always, you can get Diamond Cosmetics polishes at their website, diamondcosmetics.com. It retails for $2.50, as do all their colors. I suggest you make a haul out of it. The price is definitely right to do it.