January 20, 2011

Diamond Cosmetics-It's Electrifying

Sorry for the shoddy job. It was 2 AM and I was tired. 

My first real post. Exciting! So you would think that I would show a color that I love, right? Something that I’ve worn numerous times and have multiple bottles of, right? Wrong.

It’s Electrifying is from Diamond Cosmetics Winter 2010 collection. I got it during the free shipping sale right before Christmas (I think they were a part of that last day to ship before Christmas thing that a lot of online businesses was involved in) and while the entire set was only $9, I didn’t want all four colors so I got three of them. This is a medium blue with a slight blue shimmer. It dries a bit matte so you’ll need a top coat for shine. All DC polishes go on a bit thick for me but not unmanageable. Dries fast despite going on thick. You definitely need at least two coats. I always try to get away with one, but couldn’t do it with this one. It goes on sheer with one coat, but nice and opaque with two.

 I love blues so I definitely like this color! I have no idea if it goes with my skin tone, but if I like a color I almost could care less. There’s a notice on the site that says that all nail polishes have gone up $0.50, but it still retails individually for $2.50. That’s a great price for a really good polish. I haven’t tried out my other three colors yet, but I have a feeling I’m going to like them just as much. Pretty color y’all. Can’t go wrong with this one. 

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