February 15, 2011

More OPI Crackles

So I have been sitting on the crackle fence since we first saw the promo pics of OPI's Black Shatter last fall. I didn't have the old Cover Girl crackles (although I do remember them) and I wasn't in love with the look. After seeing it in action so to speak on almost every blog I follow, I decided that I wanted Black Shatter, but by that time it was sold out everywhere I looked and, no offense, but I'm not paying over $15+ for it on ebay.

Anyway, I say all this because I did just buy three of the China Glaze crackles (shipped today woo!) and because of the post on Addicted to All Things Pretty-more OPI crackles and the Serena Glam Slam collection. (Sidebar: Tennis is a passion of mine. Well, watching it is. And Serena is one of my favorite players.) I...I want these. I really really want these. I'm not a big red person, but I want the red crackle, and definitely the blue, navy, and turquoise ones. Oh, and the Silver one in the new Pirates of the Caribbean collection for this Spring/Summer.

Oh OPI, just when I thought I was over you you pull me the hell back in. Just take all my money why don't you.

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