February 11, 2011


This is the last of the Zoya Facebook promotion polishes that I got and I definitely saved the best for it. This is just as gorgeous as most people say. It’s a purple/green duochrome that’s just lovely. Depending on how your hand catches the light (I’m only working on artificial light here. It’s been downcast and rainy in Charleston for the past couple of days so I have no idea about how this looks in the sun.) it’s either purple or green or even gray if there’s no or very little light around.
This is two coats. The polish went on great, as with my other two Zoya polishes. I wouldn’t say as good as Kelly, but definitely good. It dried pretty decently to the touch before I used a quick dry polish.  I honestly can’t stop looking at my nails. Man, this is another one I wish I had gotten when it first came out. I think it was last Spring. I used to not be on the duochrome bandwagon (I think I’ve stated that I can’t really stand glitter) but this has changed my mind completely. I need more duochromes in my life. *cough*Gemma*cough* This is one that I think all nail fanatics need in their collection. So glad I decided to get this instead of another color at the last minute. 
(Hoping the last two pics you can see the both the purple and green in the polish.)

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