February 17, 2011


So guess who won the Vampy Varnish giveaway of Bela?

Me! Woo hoo! My first giveaway win. It feels good. Seriously, I never win anything. And I mean never. Thank you so much Kelly!
As everyone in the nail polish world knows, Bela has been garnering attention lately as it was the nail polish seen in Black Swan. I personally haven’t seen the movie yet (I’m not really a movie goer) but when it comes out on DVD you better believe I’m buying it. I have a major crush on Mila Kunis and have always liked Natalie Portman so I’m guessing I’ll them in this movie.
Back to the polish. Bela is a milky creme very light pink color. It’s a bit streaky (at least it was with me) but nothing that isn’t fixable in a few coats. I have four coats on my nails in the pictures because, well, I wanted to build it up and get a good pink color. The formula is on the thin side (even when you try to apply a thick coat) and it dries pretty quickly. It’s a sheer pink; it’s suppose to dry pretty quickly. Honestly, I wouldn’t buy a color like this on my own. Not a sheer pink type of person; it’s not the color that automatically calls to me. But I am happy that I won this because I really like the color. It makes me feel all girly. :)

BTW-I used a thin coat of white polish on one hand (second picture) just to see if there was a difference. The white pops the color out a bit, but I like it more without the thin white coat. Just a personal preference thing.

(First two pictures with flash, last one without.)
(For the record, I did not  use that much polish. It's nowhere near the Zoya logo.)


  1. This is a lovely color! I think I prefer it on it's own rather than over white as well.

  2. Yeah, it's better on its own.

    Thanks for the comment. :)