March 13, 2011

Jesse's Girl-Midori

First of my latest haul polishes. I picked this up at Rite Aid (for $2.99) going with the logic that I wanted a color outside of my comfort zone. Midori is a metallic bright green color that dries matte. It’s very streaky and even after three coats (which is what I’m wearing) you can see some bald spots and brush strokes. Booo. The good thing about this polish is that it dries fast. Like, faster than anything outside of mattes fast. So it has that going for it.
indoors, natural light. this is the truest color i could get.
I don’t know how to feel about this one. Someone told me it looks good on me (which is debatable in my opinion) but man do I hate how streaky it is. And that I had to use three coats. I’m sorry, but I really think it shouldn’t have to take someone four coats to get opacity. Is that so wrong? I don’t know, I’m all over the place.
w/ china glaze black mesh (ignore me chipping on my middle finger please)
w/ china glaze cracked concrete
 As you can see, to switch it up a bit I added crackle. Used China Glaze Black Mesh on one hand and Cracked Concrete on the other. I like it better, but still don’t love it. Someone, tell me how I should feel about this.

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