April 26, 2011

OPI-Ski Teal We Drop

My second blue post to help wrap up Autism Awareness Month. Ski Teal We Drop was a part of OPI's Fall 2010 Swiss Collection. I don't remember being too enamored with this collection, outside of this color. I don't know what it is about them, but I haven't met a person yet that hates a good teal. And this is a good teal.
STWD is a dark teal creme that leans on the blue side of teal. The formula, like with most OPIs, was great. Not thick or thin, just perfect. My pinky and ring fingers have two coats (with the second coat being VERY thin) but the other three fingers on this hand has only one coat. And you guys know I love the one coaters. Dry time was good.

I don't think I have a color like this in my collection. Who can I go to to request more dark teal cremes from? This is a lovely color. Very happy I have this one.


  1. Ooh, I really hope I've got this one in my stash - it looks lovely!

  2. I hope you do too. It's a really great color. :)