April 28, 2011


Another blue for Autism Awareness Month. Little story here-when I was first getting back into nail polish one of the first polishes I saw was Ibiza. I wanted it immediately. There's no way I could resist a dark navy blue creme that just looks flawless. Actually, I still can't resist it. Anyway, it took me about a year to get it. I waited until Zoya had that three polishes free promo in January to order and for some reason I never put it on. Silly since I've wanted this for a while. But I'm finally wearing it and...yeah, I'm in love.
So, do I even need to go into the drill with a Zoya creme anymore? You guys know how it is-amazing formula, one coater, went on like a dream, dried quickly. Well, quickly for a dark color. In the bottle it looks navy blue, but on the nail it's a bit darker. In the light you can really see the blue in it, but it does have that "so dark blue it looks black" thing going on.
indoors, artificial light
The only problem I have with it is how little blue you can see without the light. It would be nice if it was a bit lighter, just so the color shows up more. But outside of that I have no complaints. How could I? It's just a gorgeous color that's right up my blue loving heart's alley.
indoors, artificial light, flash

indoors, artificial light, flash


  1. Yep! But with Zoya cremes I tend to put it on thick so it can be just one coat. Still, one coat!

    Thanks for the comment. :)