May 6, 2011

China Glaze-Flyin High

I am so late with this polish. If I recall right, swatches of this came out late 2009 and it was available to buy in early 2010. I'm way past a year in getting this one, but its another one I'm striking off my WANT list.

You know, I actually love this color. But it would not photograph right for anything. Most of my pictures made the polish look blue, which it isn't. It's green, at least in my eyes. But I guess that's the case with half the polishes we own, isn't it?
outdoors. not even close to the actual color. damn camera.
Flyin High was a part of China Glaze's Spring 2010 Up And Away Collection. Even though I don't own much from this collection, it's one of my favorites. Outside the mint one (yes, I'm the only polish fanatic that doesn't like mint) they all are pretty great. I don't know why I used two thick coats when I applied this, but I did. And as such is took longer to dry. But I think if you put this on normally you wouldn't have any trouble. Formula was great, not too thick or thin, and it applied fabulously.

The wear time with this one was pretty darn great! The only chip I've gotten from this one has been on a finger where I have horrible peeling problems. Other than that, only minor tip wear. I wonder if that's the polish or the top coat (I'm using a new one this week)? Or a combination of both? I just know that it's been three days and nothing so far for nine of my nails.
I really like this one. I'm sad it took me over a year to get it, but at least I got it now. This is a recommend if you somehow don't have it yet.

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