May 10, 2011


If you follow Zara over at Never Unpolished, you know that May is National Brain Tumor Awareness Month. Zara, being a survivor of brain cancer herself, is wearing grey the entire month to raise awareness. Huzzah Zara! I've worn pretty much all my grey polishes, but found this one peeking out of my mother's collection. Yep, I've turned her into one of us. :) I thought this would be a good grey to help support this month with Zara and everyone else.

Revlon Silver isn't silver at all. It's more of a light grey creme which is okay on its own. It's just a misleading name. Don't call something silver that isn't silver. Anyway, while this is a nice color, I don't think it's all that unique. I keep wishing this had some type of shimmer or glitter in it to make it pop somehow, but alas nothing.
I didn't love the formula to this either. It was thin and somewhat runny. This is two coats cause I rarely do more than that, but I probably should have done three just to get a more thorough color. This reminds me of Zoya Dove or China Glaze Pelican Gray, both which were released this spring. But as I don't have either polish I can't compare them. Drying time was slow to average. And this didn't cover any of my nail peeling problems. So if you have peeling issues or something of that sort, this isn't the polish that will hide it.
Meh. I wish I had a better grey to help support this month. It's not that this is a bad polish. It's just not all that amazing to me. Bummer.

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