May 9, 2011

Kreativ Blogger Award!

Harri from TrailerHood Chic and Jebba from Cosmetologyy gave me the Kreativ Blogger Award. Thanks chicas! I've never won an award before so this is nice to receive.

Rules: Write 10 facts about yourself. Pass the award to 10 bloggers and tell them about the award. 

1. I'm short. 5'2" although I like to put down 5'3". I hate being this short. My dream height would be 5'5" and I can't even reach that. Boo.

2. I've lived in South Carolina my entire life. I can't wait until I finally move from this state. And believe you me, I WILL move away from this state.

3. My dream college was and still is the University of Michigan. I would like to go to grad school there since the undergraduate card has shipped. And speaking of UM...

4. I'm a HUGE fan of the University of Michigan athletics. Huge. They're my team. Especially the football team. And since we're on sports...

5. I'm a huge sports fan in general. I love them. My favorites are college football and college basketball (although in basketball my team is the Duke Blue Devils) and tennis. But I'm not picky. If it's a sporting even and it's near me or on tv, I'm either going or watching.

6. My favorite fruit are strawberries. You know how you can get them in that little plastic container? I've been known to sit and eat that whole container straight. LOVE THEM.

7. Authors I don't particularly enjoy reading: Austen, Shakespeare (you read that right), and Hemingway.

8. Although I live close to the beach (no more than a 30-45 minutes drive depending on traffic) it's been six years since I've been. Yet, on clear summer nights I can smell the salt water where I live.

9. Even though I hate the spring and summer months (and the bad humidity that comes with it) my favorite time of the year are the very early spring/summer mornings. It's beautiful.

10. I've been natural for three full years now. If you don't know what that is, going natural is when you don't use any types of chemicals to change your hair texture, which is more than common among black girls and women. I decided to go natural one day in August 2007 on a whim, and "big chopped" (cut off all the relaxed parts of my hair) in April 2008. I'm not one of those that say "OMG, you should go natural and see what your real hair looks like" and stuff like that. As long as you're happy-no matter what state your hair or any other part of you body is in-about yourself than I'm happy. But I know for myself I definitely made the right choice going natural with my hair.

Whew. Okay. I'm not good at tagging, so I'm just going to say that if you haven't been given this award yet (and I'm usually the last person to receive these things so I'm pretty sure everyone else already has) then TAG, YOU'RE IT! Grab the award and go wild. And if you do it link back here. I'd love to read ten facts about all of you. :)


  1. Congratulations!

    ... and yay for sport fangirls, I love playing with team colours for games and stuff.. unfortunately, NZ has the boringest 2 colours for their national sports... black and white; argh!

  2. Aw, that's sucks. If it helps I don't particularly like wearing red or white. I do like blue, but that's because it's my favorite color more than anything.