May 22, 2011

Wet N Wild-Diving For Pearls

A little news. First, I have 50 followers! I know it says 51, but I decided to follow myself for some reason. More on that in a later post. But I just want to say now, thank you all so so much. :) Second, my middle finger nail broke. Badly. So I had to just cut all my nails down. Sadness, but at least a lot of the parts of my nails that was peeling are off. I just have a few more to get rid of so I guess cutting my nails was for the best.

Now, on to the post. Diving for Pearls is part of Wet N Wilds latest Summer Collection, Mermaid's Cove. And looking at the polish it fits totally into that mermaid theme. I look at it and it makes me think of the ocean. Or seas. The water definitely. It's a teal that leans way more on the green side of things.
All nails are two coats. The first coat went on okay, but it was a bit streaky. The formula was thicker than I was expecting, but no biggie. My brush was a bit funky. A few strands were all wonky and I had to cut them off completely. But hey, nothing to get bent out of shape about really.
outdoors. flash
This has a hint of shimmer that isn't too noticeable until out in the sun. Problem is, you can't see it in these pictures. Out in the sun it shines a bit more. Drying time was okay. It was quicker than some, but with two coats not all that fast.
outdoors. sunlight
The whole oceans/seas thing seems to be thing for summer; I like it. I kind of wish this color was released in the OPI Pirates of the Caribbean collection. I think this fits a bit more then some of those pastels. But I digress.


  1. I totally agree with the color fitting more than the pastels from the POTC collection. This is one I plan to get as soon as these show up in Texas. I have been scouting the drugstores!

  2. We usually don't get anything here in SC all that soon either. I'm was surprised when I saw this in CVS the other day.

    I'm so glad someone else feels the same re: POTC. I'm just not feeling all those pastels. I think the WnW Mermaid's Cove fits the movie better but hey, I'm not the one in charge of OPI. *shrugs*

  3. This colour is gorgeous, I bet it looks amazing in the sun! x

  4. Thanks! It does look good in the sun. Better than my pics.