May 19, 2011


The sun came out today! And since the sun was out and that ridiculously pretty Gosh polish was staring out me (no really, it was staring at me) I decided to take off the Misa and put this on. And oh my holy crap you guys. I get it now. I get it.
outdoors. sunlight.
Holographic is exactly what its name says. It's a thin silver holo. It was much thinner than I expected and as such it went on all...weird. Too much and it pooled near my cuticles. Too little and it was streak city on my nails. After three coats there were still some bald spots on my nails and I just covered those areas up instead of adding a fourth coat.
indoors. artificial light.
Going on it looks pretty much silver. But when it dries you see the holo goodness. Even inside, with just the tiniest bit of light you can see the holo. And speaking of drying, this dries FAST. Super fast. I was impressed. It was almost like it was a clear polish. I don't have the NFU-Oh Aqua base coat, but I've seen people say that Orly Bonder is a good base for holos, and since I had that I used it. I didn't see any problems and the polish, I don't think, lost any of its holo effect.
indoors. artificial light.
This polish, while beautiful inside, pops in the sun. POPS. My pictures do not do it a bit of justice. It's all rainbow-y and I may have screamed a little and said "holy s&%$" when I saw it. And now I understand why everyone goes all gaga over holos. They are the prettiest things ever in the history of ever.
outdoors, sunlight.
I'm keeping this one on at least through the weekend. I'd like to find a better way to apply this so if you have any advice you could share please do. This polish is gorgeousness personified. I cannot thank Diava enough for this polish. THANK YOU SO MUCH AGAIN. :)
outdoors, sunlight


  1. I so want this color!!! I don't to pay for it though. haha

  2. *drools*
    I want to go to the U.K. just for this polish.

    As for the application, I've heard that Nfu-Oh's Aqua Base, Makeup Store's Aqua Base and the OPI DS Base improves matters. I've also heard of people using a matte topcoat as a base, or applying seche vite between layers to improve the application. I'm going to order the OPI DS Base and give that a shot, since I missed out on the Aqua Base.

  3. PurrceptiveVixxen-I think it's discontinued now so you'd have to find someone selling it, either on a blogsale or on ebay or somewhere. But I would expect it would be expensive there too since it's so wanted.

    ChaosButterfly-Right? I was the same way. And I'm totally going to look into those other base coats. I've heard of the matte base one for holos but I didn't have my matte on me. Thanks!

  4. Woah! I need a pair of shades! Lovely... :)