July 14, 2011

Cult Nails-Iconic

Yes, I have finally joined the Cult. :) I took advantage of her Fourth of July sale and bought two colors I wanted since she first introduced them. I wanted to get Let Me Fly as well but it was sold out by the time I ordered. Oh well.

First polish is Iconic. I've seen this describe as a red/berryish polish with red flakies. And I can't disagree with that. The thing is, it's darker than what I was expecting. It's darker than what is in my pictures. Although to be fair, it's been super overcast and rainy the past few days in Charleston so I didn't get an opportunity to see this in the sun. Maybe in the sun it's more berryish than red. But what I see now is a dark red almost wine like color. It's still pretty, but I was hoping for the berryish color.
The flakies in it makes this polish. The flakies are a smidge lighter than the polish. And it has hints of gold in it. Or at least that's what it looks like. So while it's not the color I was expecting and hoping for, it's still so very pretty.
The formula was perfection. I did two coats, but if I put it on thicker for the first coat I don't think I would have needed two. The polish flowed on my nails, wasn't too thick or thin. And dried pretty quickly. And I have to say, Seche Vite usually gives me shrinkage (which I don't care all that much about since I change my polish every three or so days) but not with this polish. Score!
indoors, artificial light
So I like this. Really like it. I just wish I would have realized the swatches of this from earlier this year aren't necessarily true IRL. If I wasn't expecting pink/berryish I think I would have loved it then. Darn expectations.


  1. So glad you've joined the Cult! This is one of the few I didn't get though. Looks pretty on you.

  2. Aww, thank you. I just wish it was a bit lighter in color. Would have loved it.

  3. Hi. I'm Hazelle. :)

    The nail polish is just so adorable! It sure looks fun and festive. The color seems to pop-out. ;) ♥ it.

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