August 12, 2011


Another in the "everybody has already seen this before" file. But it's so gorgeous do you guys mind seeing it again?
Tristam is this deep, damn near navy blue with lots of holographic microglitter in it. I can't even begin to describe just how pretty this is. You can't really see the holo microglitter indoors or not underneath a light source. It looks like a dark blue polish with silver glitter in it and that by itself is pretty. But put it underneath some light and magic happens.
indoors, artificial light
I think it's a scattered holo effect, but there are times where I definitely saw a linear quality to it. Or maybe I was imagining things. I don't know. I just know you go out in the sun and a rainbow is on your fingernails.
outdoors, sun
The formula on this was amaze. This is two thin coats and I probably could have done just one thick coat. It went on so smoothly you guys. Also, I'm not wearing a topcoat on this. I really wanted to see the holo effect. Now, its been awhile since I let a polish COMPLETELY completely dry, but this was okay. It wasn't that long before I was able to do something things around the house.
outdoors, sun
And I have to comment on this one thing. I usually can't go a day without a chip. This is usually due to horrible peels I have on my nails. I've adjusted to this little fact and it doesn't bother me anymore. Despite this I have one small chip in my nail polish and that's my fault (I missed and nicked it before it was dry to the nail). One. Out of ten nails. And I've worn this for three days now. Without top coat. Holy crap A-England. Holy crap.
outdoors, sun
Can you tell I love this polish? Because I love this polish! Goes on amazing, color is gorgeous, holo effect is beautiful. Now this polish is expensive with conversion rates (same price as Rescue Beauty Lounge) but if they have another free shipping sale I'll have to seriously think about purchasing more. I love this. Damn you high shipping costs and conversion rates. Don't you know that there is polish to be had around the world? Damn you! *shakes fist*


  1. Haha hey girl, I'll still look at this one no matter how many times I've seen it :)

  2. Man I want this color! I just looked at the conversion rates earlier this week...and proceeded to leave the site lol. Maybe I'll get one soon enough...

  3. GothamPolish-thanks! :)

    KayJay-yeah, if I had known that going in I probably wouldn't have gotten it. Just too rich for my blood. I actually didn't know the price until right before I was going to buy it. At that point I just said "what the hell" and got it. They're great polishes but the price...

  4. I'm with Miss Amy up there, I never get tired of looking at this.
    It looks beautiful on you!