August 7, 2011

Cult Nails-My Kind of Cool Aid

So another polish you all have seen a million times before that I'm just getting around to wearing. This is the second polish I bought during Cult Nails 4th of July sale I referenced to here.
outdoors. please ignore the horrible cuticle on my middle finger.
When I first saw this I was intrigued by it and nothing has changed that. My Kind of Cool Aid was the first polished released by the company back in January. I think of it as a muted purple greyish color with silver shimmer. I love the base color. I don't know how well it works on me, but I love it anyway. Doesn't matter. I kind of wish the shimmer showed up more, but I think that's what makes this polish work, you know? The fact that the shimmer is subtle. You really can't see it  unless you're out in the sun or underneath a direct light source.
outdoors, sun. i hope you guys can see the little bit of shimmer.
The formula was so great. I thought it was a bit thin, but two smooth coats did the job. Dried pretty well too. I'm really digging Cult Nails. I pre-ordered the fall collection and I can't wait until it ships. I have a feeling they'll be as good as the two I have now. :)


  1. I cant wait til they come too!!! I have been disappointed by Cult Nails yet.

  2. That fall collection is the only collection from any brand where I liked every color. I never like all the colors. That's half the reason why I ordered them.

    Cult Nails is quickly becoming a fan fave. :)