August 2, 2011

Essie-Smooth Sailing

I'm in the home stretch with school this semester y'all! This is the last week. Lots to do but the end is in sight. Before fall semester starts in two weeks. Damn wanting to get a college degree.

I have the last Essie from the Braziliant collection I was interested in. And this one is a stunner. And of course you don't see it in my pics but I digress. Smooth Sailing is a hmm...cornflower blue? I'll go with that. A cornflower blue with tons of multicolor shimmer inside. You guys, I can't even begin to describe how pretty this is. The shimmer comes up silver until you're under the sun and them BAM! Multicolor goodness.
 The formula was good. This is the drugstore version yet again and I continue to be impressed. I thought it was a tad thin, but nothing that's bad. This is two coats but I probably should have done a third to get rid of all bald spots. Dry time was relatively good. I will say this, I think the multicolor shimmer disappears a bit when a top coat is put on. It's much more compacted and there without a top coat. I, of course, don't have a good photo to show you of this, but take my word for it. I guess I'd compare it to a holo, where without a topcoat it's all OMGWOW but with one the holo effect is decreased big time. I wouldn't say the shimmer is decreased big time, but I did notice the difference.
without topcoat on left, with topcoat on right
But that's not enough to not have this polish. I didn't think anything would top Royal Navy for me and yet this just might. Go out RIGHT NOW and get this polish if for you do not have it yet. Especially if you're a blue polish lover. So worth is and I don't know if there's a polish out there like this one. It's a beauty you guys. It really is.
outdoors, sun


  1. I think cornflower blue is a good description for this! It's one of my favorites from recent collections, SO pretty. :) I love your photos!

  2. We definitely have the same taste in polish...I just need to try This color looks absolutely amazing on!