August 16, 2011


Another one of those you've seen before. I should probably stop saying that as I'm always the last one to get polishes. Sorry, but I'll happily wait for a sale. I don't need it when it first is released.
Anyway, Mystical is a part of the Just Tinted mini collection Revlon put out this summer. I got these when Rite Aid had that 40% off all Revlon cosmetics sale about a month ago, just haven't worn it. They didn't have all four so I got the three they had which included this one. This is a berryish pink jelly. Simple and to the point. The magic of this one is the jelly finish, which is awesome as most jellies are.
indoors. sorry about the slight blurriness.
I have four coats on here. Four thin coats. The name "Just Tinted" is perfect, cause one coat really does look like a tint. It dried on the slower side and to a matte finish. I didn't mind the matte finish, but hated the slowness of the drying. It's also thin and a bit streaky, especially if you go over those three strokes that everyone tries to get when doing their nails.
I'm in the middle with this one. I really like the color and the finish, but damn I'm not patient enough for four coats. I feel like tossing a polish if I have to do three. And to be fair maybe I could have ended at three, but with this one the more coats the better. Like the color, love the finish, the application annoyed me. That about sums it up.


  1. I so understand what you mean about being late to buy polishes...I don't really care, I buy when I can I never saw this line at my CVS. I love jellies!

  2. If it's any comfort to you, it looks AWESOME on you. I love a good squishy jelly and I like the shade so much on you! I don't have the latest and greatest either, but it's okay with me - I like what you post!

  3. Thanks guys. I always feel like I'm last withthe polishes because I never get them before or when they're released. I just can't justify retail without a coupon or something.

    KayJay-try Rite Aid (where I got them) or another drugstore. You may have to look around for them. Just anywhere Revlon's are sold.

    Nicole-thank you! Jellies are great, but man the application annoyed me SO MUCH with this one.