August 20, 2011

Diamond Cosmetics-Decadence

Quick post today. I somehow got a splinter stuck in my pointer finger on my right hand. Right beside my nail. I was able to pull it out but it hurts like a mofo right now. It's painful to just type.

Anyway, before that happened I wanted to throw on a color that would be quick and easy and I'd wear just for the weekend and wouldn't feel guilty for taking it off too soon. Enter Decadence. I've had this in my untrieds stash for about a year now. Or damn near close to it. I've actually thought about adding this to a giveaway, but I must say I'm happy I didn't. (Sorry guys.) I'm in love with my nails right now!
This polish came out in, I think, 2009. Fall Collection, if I'm not mistaken. And it's a fall color. It's a brown creme with lots of lighter brown, almost goldish shimmer. At first look it seems a bit dull, but that shimmer really makes the polish. I'm not a huge fan of browns (even though I like them) but for some reason I love this.
indoors, artificial light
The polish went on amazing. Two thin coats. I probably could have done one thick coat. It dried quickly and easily. I've had it one for about a day now and I don't have a chip yet. Even where I have major peels, and I always get chips there within a day. Awesome.
This has put me in the mood for Fall. Diamond Cosmetics is such an underrated brand. I haven't really heard from them lately. I hope they release another collection for Fall or Winter/Holiday or Spring cause their polishes really are great. And for $2.50! Can't beat that.


  1. That is a GORGEOUS brown! I'm going to place a little Diamond order this week and that's definitely going on my list. I love them and they don't get enough attention. And *ouch* about that splinter! I hate that.

  2. I love Decadence! I agree it's such a beautiful color! I just was shopping on DC's website and noticed it's being discontinued, though. :(

  3. Nicole-it really is. I just placed a little DC order myself (three polishes, two of them the same color) but I plan to make a bigger order later in the hopefully. I'm hoping they do another free shipping sale around the holidays this year like they did last.

    Amber-It's discontinued?? Booooo. I didn't see it on the site either but was hoping it was still around. That sucks. Such a great polish. Too bad it saw the choping block. :(

  4. I have this! I love DC! They really try to have a range of nice colors!!!

  5. Aw boo splinters. This is a really neat brown!

  6. This is a perfect shade of brown! Love the shimmer in it.

  7. Paillette-wear it! It's so nice. :)

    Gotham Polish-Yeah, it sucks this is discontinued. Such a great color. Maybe they'll bring it back.

    KayJay-it really is! That's why it sucks that they discontinued it. Every brand needs a great brown polish, right?

  8. A polish friend just sent me this polish as a surprise this week! I'm so excited to try it. She picked up a couple extra bottles when she heard it was being discontinued.