August 23, 2011

Sally Hansen-Pacific Blue

Yep, another one I've had for a while but never put on. Finally did and, holy you guys. I'm pretty sure this is the most perfect blue creme ever. Forever ever.
outdoors, sun
Pacific Blue is a royal blue creme. That's pretty much it to the color, but you guys. If you have this one then you know. It's prettiness in a bottle. There were times I thought this went a bit neon; that's how bright it looked. I don't know what else to say about this really. It's an awesome blue creme.
indoors, artificial light
The formula was good. A bit thick, but considering I could have done one coat I'm okay with that. But I did two here. Drying time was good as well. Not the fastest but not the slowest either.
two coats holo. indoors, artificial light
As you can see, there's an accent holo in this pictures. I have a bottle of the Glorious topcoat Lori from the Polish-aholics Anonymous Facebook group was (still is?) selling. These pictures don't do it any justice. I did one coat first and then added a second. Again, so pretty.
two coats holo. outdoors sun
While I like it, I think I'll spend the rest of that bottle frakening other polishes and trying to make a holo. Still it's a great little topcoat to have to jazz up a mani.
two coats holo. outdoors, sun. closeup to see the holo.
Isn't denim supposed to be a trend this fall? I could have sworn I saw people pimping out Chanel making three different blues and calling it Denim or something. Or inspired by denim. Why spend the money for that when you can go to your favorite drugstore and for less than $5 get this beauty. Will it be a dupe? No. But it's an amazing blue that actually looks like denim. Can't be that.
two coats holo. outdoors, sun.


  1. I love this blue and it looks great with the holo on top :)

  2. This is an awesome blue! I'll be looking for this when I have some CVS extracare bucks. :)

  3. ooh i have this too. it sooo soo blue. lol i love it

  4. KayJay-yes, get it! I actually had a Revlon coupon when I bought it so maybe you can go that route.

    Pretty-it's so great. :)