September 1, 2011

Happy Birthday To Me!

No, my birthday isn't today. It's the 10th. I'm turning-gulp-26. I don't know why that's a scary number, but it is to me. I'm closer to 30 than 20 now. I feel like I need to really start doing something with my life.

I don't know. It's just a weird birthday for me.

To help combat that weirdness I'm having a birthday giveaway! I've been thinking about doing this for a while now. I was going to do one big giveaway, but then decided to break it up into two giveaways. Two winners! Woot!

Giveaway One

The first giveaway is made up of:
Color Club-Almost Famous
Diamond Cosmetics-Oh, Tiff!
Sally Hansen-Rockstar Pink
NYX Girls-Emerald Forest

Giveaway Two

Second giveaway is:
Revlon-Mint Fizz (scented polish)
Finger Paints-Artist's Sapphire
Wet N Wild-The Gold and the Beautiful
Finger Paints-Outta Sight Orange

Fill out the form below. This giveaway lasts September 1st through September 15. I will pick two winners, one from each pool, sometime after 11:59 PM on the 15th (nothing nefarious. I'm already swamped with school so I'm guessing I will be then too.) I will contact each winner via email and they will have 48 hours to get back to me. After that I will draw again. Each drawing will be done using a random number generator. This is open for both USA and international readers.

One of the good things about my birthday being in September is that I really love the month! US Open tennis, college football, NFL, baseball playoffs, Fall starting, school (yes, despite my complaining at times I actually do like school), gemstone is sapphire. I love the month and that's why I asked it below. There's gotta be something about this month you love. Let me know.

I have 124 followers. I can't thank each and every one of you enough for reading this little blog here. I hope you guys like my second giveaway. And if your birthday is this month as well, happy birthday! We were totally born in the best month. :)


  1. OMG your a virgo too!!! Mine is this weekend but i'll be the 20!!!
    Hope you have a great bday!!

  2. Virgos unite!

    Happy Birthday! One more year until you're legal. :) Enjoy it.

  3. Happy almost birthday!!! I'll be turning 27 next month.

  4. Happy B-day!!

  5. Thank you KayJay!

    Thanks Adela :)

  6. happy birthday! i felt the same way when i turned 26 =| now im turning 27 next month... lol nonetheless fab giveaway! good luck everyone!

  7. Lovely giveaway!

  8. Thanks naudii beautii!

    Shala_darkstone-good luck!!