October 3, 2011

Cult Nails-In A Trance

It felt like fall this weekend you guys! It barely got up to 70 degrees. We actually had to break out sweaters and light jackets. You have no idea how happy this made me. It's suppose to go back up to the upper 70's later this week, so I'm going to enjoy the cool weather while it lasts. And because we had fall like weather I broke out one of the Cult Nails Fall Collection polishes I've been saving until it feel more like the season, In A Trance.
In A Trance fills the olive green quota that so in season this year. This is on the darker side of the olive green spectrum with gold shimmer going throughout it. One coat was amazing, but this is two coats and as expected it's a bit darker.
indoors, artificial light. hoping you guys can see some of the shimmer.
As per the norm with Cult Nails, the formula was fantastic. Went smooth and perfect and only needed two coats. Dried quickly too. I only regret not being able to get any sun pics with this. I kept forgetting my camera when I left home. But it's beautiful out in the sun as well.
indoors, artificial light
I'm so digging this olive/military green trend this season. If you get just one polish of this color you won't be disappointed with In A Trance. That gold shimmer really brings out the color and makes it a bit unique compared to some others that are out. Also, Cult Nails is having free shipping til the 6th of this month (Thursday you guys!) because of their 2K likes on Facebook. I'm actually trying not to buy any new polish (my untrieds box is pretty much overflowing plus I'm trying to save every last dime to buy a new computer during the holiday season) but if you have $10 this is well worth it. This and pretty much every other Cult Nails polish. :)


  1. I want this probably more than any of their other colors, and I want most of their other colors as well, so that's saying a lot! Haha. This and Unicorn Puke. It's perfect! I love this on you.

  2. This is gorgeous! I think its my fav CN polish. I really don't need to, but I'm definitely ordering Unicorn Puke on Friday. :)

  3. Nicole-thank you! Yeah, this is one of the more unique colors from Maria. It's so nice.

    KayJay-I think it's my fave too! And Unicorn Puke goes on sale Friday?!!? Dammit, there goes my no buy.

  4. Yes girl! It goes on pre-sale Friday and will ship the following Friday. You better order because there are limited bottles called UP.

  5. I have no willpower. None at all. And I NEED the bottle called UP.

  6. What a beauty!! Too bad Cult Nails is a bit hard to find in Sweden...

  7. They have international shipping Annika! I don't think Maria sells in any store yet. Cult Nails. Google it. Or check her out on facebook. She's very interactive over there.