October 8, 2011


So much work to do this month you guys. This whole college stuff is getting old. But to combat that I finally (FINALLY!) put on one of the three Zoyas I have from the fall collection. Every time I wear Zoya I remember why it's probably my favorite nail brand out there.
outdoors. not a great pic, but you can see the glitter.
Neeka is a dark purple creme with lots of gold glitter. I must say the color was much darker than I was anticipating. But I'm happy about that. I love dark purples and for some reason I've had this desire to see dark colors with glitters in it. The formula, as always, was amazing. Two even not too thick or thin coats that dried quickly. Serious perfection.
indoors, artificial light. closeup to see the gold glitter.
I think my top coat dulled the effect a little. The gold wasn't as prominent and that's unfortunate because it really makes the polish. However, you can definitely see it and it pops against the purple.
indoors, artificial light
I think this is one of the best colors of all the fall polishes released so far. It's pretty damn awesome and I haven't seen one bad word said against it yet. There's a reason for that.


  1. This is still in my untrieds! I tried to get through all of my fall polishes before I started Halloween month posting, but nope. It's SO beautiful on you!

  2. Thank you! I've had this in my untrieds box for the longest time as well. You'll love it when you do wear it. :)

  3. ooooh love this. it's so pretty on your skin tone. what was your topcoat. that sucks. i love the gold. hmm i didn't really pay attention the the new zoya collections because there were no pinks.. i like yara.. but i think i'm slowly coming around to purples.

  4. FF-thanks. :)

    Pretty-I used the Revlon Quick Dry one. I actually really like it, so I can't be too pressed about the dullness. And yay to you coming around to purples! Every purple experience I've had is good formula and it doesn't stain. Win. :D

  5. I really need to wear this! I love the shimmer in it.

  6. Wear it!!! It'll look amazing on your nails. :)

  7. wowww you peaple are so good in nail things
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