November 1, 2011


Late, but this is what I wore for Halloween. I actually forgot I had this polish until I was going through my untrieds box trying to find something that wasn't so dark. I'm a bit dark polish out and all I have right now is dark polishes. So even though it's probably a summer polish the orange fit the day so let's go.
indoors, artificial light
Sienna is a orange glitter/flakie/shimmer. I don't even know. I just know when I look at it I see orange and gold shining back at me. I actually wish more brands released sparkly orange polishes for Halloween instead of the greens/blacks/greys/reds. I only ever see the orange cremes (I know Wet N Wild did one this year, but eh).
This one is sheer as you can tell. I did two coats (because I'm lazy) and you can definitely see VNL. But I don't mind it. The polish is so gorgeous you don't notice it. The formula on this was okay. A bit streaky at one thin coat; evened well at two. The drying time was average. Nothing to write home about but nothing to complain about either.
indoors. closeup
I was going to add some of those Halloween stickers or maybe a black crackle on top, just to get more into the spirit, but I didn't have the heart to do it. I love this so much I don't want to take away from the prettiness. So this will do for today.
I'm pretty sure this is my favorite orange polish. It has to be, right?


  1. Gorgeous orange! This is sitting in my untrieds...

  2. Pull it out! You'll love it. Plus, it's a nice change from all the dark fall/winter vampy colors.

  3. I like the orange plain. No crackle or stickers needed. It looks great. I've never used Zoya polish before. I'm anxious to try it out...

  4. You haven't tried Zoya yet?! They're a great brand. I've yet to have any trouble with their polishes, whether they're creme, glitter, shimmer, or whatever. You'll love them, I promise. :)