November 4, 2011

Essie-Power Clutch

Just a quick post as I'm boatloads behind in school work and haven't really had time to do my nails. Power Clutch is a part of the Essie Fall Brand New Bag collection. Speaking of, have you guys heard about this collection? I haven't heard too much about it to be honest. I've seen a few posts on it here and there, but nothing like the usual rush to swatch a polish when a new collection comes out.
Anyway, Power Clutch is a dark grey creme with green undertones. When the polish was wet I could definitely see the green in it, but once dried it just looks dark grey to me. The formula on this was easy peasy. Two thin coats and everything was fine with me. This one dried pretty fast too. I was a bit surprised to be honest. Maybe I've been wearing a lot of longer drying polishes lately.
indoors, artificial light
There's really not much more to say about this one. It's a really nice dark grey creme polish. I'm thinking most already have a color like this in their collection so it's not a must have unless you like/love dark greys (ahem, like me). I'm pretty sure I'll be keeping this on right through the weekend as, again, no time. I'm really going to be happy when school is over for the semester.


  1. Agree, this Essie collection did not make much splash on the blogs for some reason - also the one to follow - their winter collection appeared even less! There are some nice shades in the fall set - less impressed with the winter set. No holiday set I don't think...but have seen the press for the NYE set and following spring, resort and summer for Essie 2012 were on a blog just this week.

  2. I think everyone is looking forward to the flakies that is going to be released soon (is that the NYE collection?) The winter set just looks like the fall set to be honest, all muted cremes. Outside the all seems kind of boring from Essie in the next few collections.

  3. We're always reading each others minds...I just put this on tonight. Great was the only one I got from this collection.

  4. It is nice, isn't it? Just a nice creme polish. Sometimes it's good to just wear something like that instead of all the glitters.

    Yeah, the other colors didn't interest me all that much either.

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