November 8, 2011


This is going to be another quick post because, as always, I have no time. At least this time it's not because of school. At least not primarily.
indoors, artificial light
Yara is a part of Zoya's fall Smoke and Mirrors collection. I really only liked three colors and this is the second one of those (reviewed Neeka already). I have another to show you guys...eventually. Whenever I get to it. Anyway, Yara is a olive green creme with gold glitter in it. I know someone else (sorry I don't remember who!) said that she thought the glitter was yellow, but I think it leans more gold. It's very pretty and even though they're complimentary colors I wouldn't think of creating a polish like this.
indoors, artificial light. close up.
The formula was great. Two thin coats and it was fine. It dried pretty well too. I think the glitter shows up better in the bottle, but that's pretty par for the course with glitters/shimmers and everything like it.
indoors, artificial light.
This was a pretty crap review, but sometimes there isn't a lot to say. Great formula, good dry time, and the polish is pretty. It's a little something extra in the sea of olive/army/military greens that is in season for fall this year.


  1. Yet another one sitting in my pretty! I've really got to do least I haven't been buying any lately.

  2. Ha! I'm trying to use up all of my untrieds before buying anything new.

    Thanks. :)

  3. I too have this languishing untried, and yet it's soo gorgeous!

  4. Thanks. You should wear it. I can imagine some of the amazing designs you could do with this polish. :)