November 11, 2011

Cult Nails-Enigmatic and Orly-Fowl Play

I decided to wear my last Cult Nails polish from the fall collection, Enigmatic. Enigmatic is a dark purple with shimmer that flashes red, purple, and even blue. It's pretty, if not particularly a color I go to first. I think I said in a previous post that I don't have a huge amount of vampy purples, so this is probably much needed in my collection.
indoors, artificial light
The formula on this was thin. I should have done three coats but I hate doing three coats. Dried okay. I have to be honest, I'm very much meh to this, and I thought I'd love it. It's why I saved it for last. I was pretty bummed about the polish and ready to take it off, and then my eyes caught Fowl Play just sitting there and I said what the hell.
indoors, artificial light
Now that's more like it! I don't know if it's visible in the pictures, but Fowl Play made the purple darker and added those gorgeous red and blue flakies.
outdoors, closeup
Now, I love this combination! I didn't have to do two coats of FP, and it greatly improved Enigmatic to me. This together is a winner in my book.
indoors, closeup
I still plan on wearing FP by itself sometime before the year is out. But I love this mani so much right now I'm okay with not getting to it soon. Or at least as soon as I was expecting too.


  1. Great combo! Did you pre-order the new collection? I kept going back and forth and never did. I like all of the colors, but I really only want the blue jelly. I also didn't want another bottle of UP/Clairvoyant. Look at me showing some restraint! lol

  2. I was the same way! I didn't want another bottle of UP and I really only want the blue jelly too. So whenever she has another sale I'll be all over that, but not much else.

    Our wallets thank us. :)