November 17, 2011

Nina Ultra Pro-Sailor and Cult Nails-Unicorn Puke

Why must professors hand out so many assignments right before Thanksgiving and the end of the semester? Gah. Anyway, I found some time to do my nails today and decided to pull out a polish I've had in my stash seemingly forever and play around with the awesome known as unicorn puke.
indoors, artificial light
First I put on Nina Ultra Pro in Sailor. Sailor is a navy blue creme. Nothing that hasn't been seen before, but it's a gorgeous polish anyway. I'm sure you all have a polish like this already in your stash, and several brands have come out with a polish similar to this for fall. The formula was amazing. It was thinner than most, but could go on thick. This was one coat. It dried faster than I expected for a navy blue. The picture is without topcoat. I have to say, I love this so much. Again, I know I have something similar in my collection already (and have my eyes on another like this) but for me I can never have too many navy blues.
indoors, artificial light. sorry about the blurriness.
Because I haven't properly played around with Unicorn Puke I finally put it on. Um, can we say wow? This is so much more amazing than I thought. I love it against this dark blue. The rainbow effect changes just a bit with this, makes it a bit darker. Plus, you get just the right hint of the multicolor flakies when you glance down at your nails. Love it so damn much I can't even speak correctly.
I love this mani so much! This is right up my alley. Navy blue, awesome flakies. What could be better?


  1. Oh SO gorgeous. I knew I'd love this pairing though, the blue is perfect! I love Sailor, too. I just saw one with Sinful Colors Daddy's Girl and that's awesome too!

  2. I actually didn't want this until seeing it just now...thank God for black friday.
    And UM can we please talk about professors and their obsession with ruining thanksgiving for people? Betches. -_____-

  3. Nicole-thanks! I imagine it looks awesome over DG.

    ChaosButterfly-You didn't want UP before now?! I'm not a big glitter/flakie person myself, but I loved it the moment she showed pics of it. I prefer it over dark bases like this really.

  4. Great combo! I never get tired of seeing UP.