December 20, 2011

Specillitá Hits-No Olimpio Demeter

Well hello everyone. It's not two weeks later so I'm making progress! I bought this one a little before Thanksgiving and I just never wore it (remember, I had my nails naked for damn near two weeks). But you guys. Orange holo. I love orange. I love holo. Best of both worlds, right?
indoors, flash
Right! Demeter is a linear orange holo from the Hits No Olimpio collection. Hits is a Brazilian brand that is becoming bigger and bigger outside Brazil in the nail polish community. And for good reason. Demeter was awesome to put on. What you see in these pictures is three coats, but they went on like a dream. No dragging, no bald spots. I used a regular base. Pretty great.
indoors, artificial light. somewhat of a close up.
The dry time wasn't as quick as some holos, but better than a lot of other polishes. Like I said above, I used three coats, and while I could have stopped at two (and thought about it) the VNL was driving me a bit crazy there. You can still see a bit of it at three really.
indoors, artificial light. hoping you can see the holo a bit.
These are crap pictures, I know. I could not take a good picture of this polish for anything. It's a shame because the polish really is beautiful. The holo effect really does need to be under a light source with this polish to really see the beauty in it. I don't think it's the strongest holo you'll ever see, but I don't think it has to be. Orange holos are rare (speaking of, does anyone know of any other orange holos?) and the effect is definitely there. So much more than what you see in my pictures.
blurry close up to see the holo effect.
I love this polish. Love love love. I got mine at llarowe, but I know you can order it from the Hits website directly. The reason I got mine from llarowe was because I'm pretty certain that with currency rates and shipping from Brazil, $10 is be the cheaper route (that's the price at llarowe). At least for those of us in the USA. However if you're doing a big order maybe it's better to get it from the company themselves? Up to you, but if you want an orange holo, get this one and don't think twice. You won't regret it.


  1. This is so pretty. I love orange too, just bought an orange dress at F21 actually. Hehe. I think this sparkly color is so fun and thanks for sharing about llarowe. I've never heard of it before.


  2. Gorgeousness orange holos look nice

  3. I don't even know of another orange holo! This is completely gorgeous!

  4. Dale-I love orange so much. My obsession started last summer during the world cup and I was rooting for the USA and Netherlands teams. Just saying, this polish might go perfectly with the dress. :)

    Pretty-It does, doesn't it? Thanks!

    Nicole-I don't either. I'd kill for another one.

    thanks for the comments guys!

  5. Girl, this is a gorgeous orange! I haven't ordered any of the Hits polishes yet, but I feel like I should have at least one.

  6. That's how I felt too. And I was like, what the hell, let me get the orange holo. I just ordered a few more. Hoping they get to me right after Christmas.