January 30, 2012

Hits-Mari Moon Cool

Well hellooooo duochrome nail polish! Its been a while since we've been together. I had to get out of my SpaRitual funk, so I decided to wear this over the weekend. Let me tell you now, this polish frustrated the hell out of me. But in the end it was so worth it. So very worth it.
Mari Moon Cool is a green/blue duochrome shimmer. You guys know with duochromes, how it hits the light is the color you see. It's mostly green, but you will see the blue. I love this combination so much. I love the lime/electric green it gives off and quite frankly would love a creme color of something like that.
The formula on this is thick and streaky. You can try to get by with one coat, but I wouldn't suggest it. Two even things up for me nicely. But seriously, it's much thicker than I expected or even used before. Kind of strange. Yes, you can see bubbles on my nails, but that's me. I had to shake up the polish before using it and that was the consequences of that. Oops.
horrible shot, but this is to show the blue
This dried ridiculously fast. Almost matte polish fast. It pleasantly surprised me. One thing I have to bring up is bristles on the brush. Now, maybe it was just my bottle, but the bristles were all over the place. I had to cut off about four because they had just gone haywire. And a few more look like they want to stick out as well. Plus, this did chip kind of quickly, even for me. After about a day of having it on I had a few chips one three fingers.
hoping this one shows both
But with all that-bad brush, thick polish, quick chippies-this polish is still a winner for me. The duochromeness is awesome and it dried fast. I love it simply for those two reasons. I'd highly recommend it. I got this from Llarowe for $8. I say well worth the money.

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