February 1, 2012

Revlon-Victorian and Finger Paints-Twisted

I initially wanted to do a jelly sandwich with flakies, but liked the look of this so much that I decided to forget about the sandwich part.
most true to live colors in this pic than the others
Revlon Victorian is a part of their Just Tinted jelly polishes that came out last summer. I have no idea if they were LE or if they are a part of their collection now. Victorian is a medium pink that almost toes the line into hot in person. I used three coats here and as you can see VNL is still there. The polish is streaky but does come out smooth once you get to three coats. It dried on the slower side but nothing too big to freak out about I don't think.
close up
We've all seen the Finger Paints flakies polishes by now. I had two more to use and wanted to get one out of the way. I love the look of Twisted here on Victorian. We've seen how flakies look on dark polishes, and it's fantastic. But seeing them on lighter polishes is a bit few and far between and I think they look just as good. I used two coats of Twisted here.
jelly sandwich
I love this mani so much! I did try the jelly sandwich on my thumb (which you can see above), and I like the look of that as well. :) (Note: that one thumb took a few hours to dry.) And lookit, not only am I continuing to wear colors out of my usual comfort zone, but also I've join in on Pink Wednesdays. Huzzah!


  1. Love everything about this! I really like how it looks as a jelly sandwich.

    1. I really wanted to turn it into a jelly sandwich, I just didn't have the heart. The colors of Twisted attracted me too much I think.