February 28, 2012

BB Couture-Carrie

I haven't tried BB Couture polishes before now. I've liked quite a few of them, but just never felt the need to order some. Well, that changed last week when I decided to order a few from Overall Beauty. (Also got two of the new A-Englands but I'm waiting for them at the moment). One of the polishes I decided on was Carrie, from the new spring Girls on Tape collection. All the polishes in this collection is named after films. Carrie is one of  my personal top 5 movies ever plus it's blue so you know I had to get it. And holy omg you guys. This polish is a winner.
Carrie is a navy blue polish with lots (and I mean LOTS) of shimmer. The shimmer looks blue and silver and a few bits of reddish pink here and there. It's so pretty. My pictures do not do it any justice whatsoever. It's just gorgeous. I'm not wearing a topcoat in these pictures, but I did eventually put one on and the topcoat didn't dull the shimmer at all. It's still sparkling like crazy. The formula on this was like butter. One of the best I've ever worked with. I did two even coats and the polish dried fairly quickly, though I wasn't really timing it. It wasn't on the slow side of the spectrum is what I'll say about the drying time.
If you're a blue polish lover you have to get this polish. HAVE TO. It's absolutely beautiful and I don't know if I have something like it in my collection. I think BB Couture is only available from Overall Beauty, so you'll have to get it there. (And can I take a moment to say how awesome OB is? Kim, the owner, is so lovely and has amazing customer service. Great shop she has there.) I will definitely be getting more BB Coutures in the future. Great polish.


  1. So pretty! I don't have any BB Couture. I was just on their site the other day looking at a mint green polish.

    1. Highly recommend. I ordered on a Tuesday and I got them on Friday. I'd order from them again in a heartbeat. And the polish really is amazing.