March 4, 2012

BB Couture-Dragon's Breath

Another BB Couture. This one is called Dragon's Breath from their Fairy Tales Collection. I believe this collection came out a few years ago. Every time I went to order this polish it was sold out. So when it was actually in stock when I made my Overall Beauty order I had to get it. And I have to say, as much as I loved the swatches of it two years ago (one year ago?), my enthusiasm for it has diminished a bit upon seeing it in person.
 Let me just say my problems with it isn't the polish itself. The formula was on the thicker side and streaky and needed three coats. (And you guys know I only do two). But I didn't have problems with applying it. It dried FAST. Like, almost matte fast. Well, maybe not that fast, but still fast enough to go "woah" when I happen to bump my nails against a table and a dent didn't happen.
My problem is that this doesn't look exactly like the same polish. One of the things I loved about seeing swatches of this polish was that while it was reddish purple with a lot of red and silver glitter, it had this blue glitter as well that just stuck out and added depth to the polish. This? Doesn't have any blue glitter. Not even a little. And that's where my disappointment comes in at. If I wasn't expecting the blue then I would like this just fine. Hell, I like it just fine now. It's actually pretty damn gorgeous and I understand why this is one of those universally loved polishes among nail fiends. But...I really wanted to see that blue glitter. Bah.
Anyway, complaining over. I actually really do like this. I do. I just wish the blue from a few years ago was in this one. That's all. This was $10 from Overall Beauty (and I believe it's the only place you can buy it at). I recommend having it, especially since it's one of those polishes that everyone likes. One of those must haves in your collections. It really is nice. Give me a day and I'll be loving this polish.


  1. The shots of the bottle look like Gidget from their Girls on Tape collection. So much so I'm wondering if this didn't get mislabeled.

    It IS gorgeous tho. I might need it myself!

    Hope it grows on you soon!

    1. I just looked at a few swatches. I see what you mean, but I think Gidget is a bit more rosey red then reddish purple. And I think this has more glitter in it. But it does look similar.

      Thanks for commenting! Yeah, it's a good polish, just didn't live up to my expectations.

  2. Pretty! I like it both ways. I need to start wearing my BBC's

    1. I was really digging it matte.

      thanks for the comment!