March 6, 2012

BB Couture-Midnight Malibu

Very quick post tonight. Midnight Malibu part of BB Couture's California Beach collection several years ago. I did a quick Google search and there were swatches of this polish from 2009. So...yeah, I'm three years late. Oh well. This is gorgeous.
Midnight Malibu is a dark navy blue with lots of multi color glitter in it. In the bottle it looks purple (and to be honest that's why I got it) but the blue is nice. The glitter stands out like whoa. There is this light blue, almost aqua blue glitter that just pops against the dark blue when under a light source. It's so damn pretty and welcomed. There's also some red and darker blue glitter in there as well.
The formula on this was fantastic. Not too thin or thick and it went on in two coats. And like my previous two BB Couture polishes it dried very quickly. It also dried a bit matte and while it was nice I wanted it shiny so the glitter would stand out.

Love love love this. I think this may be my favorite of the three BB Coutures I have. I still would have liked it in purple, but I can't complain about the blue. If you're going to get just one BB Couture, I think I'd recommend it being this one. Just gorgeous.


  1. Love the multicolored glitter. Blues look so good on you.

    1. Aww, thank you! :) This isn't even close to how awesome it looks in person.