March 31, 2012

A-England-Ascalon and Princess Sabra

Another week, another way too much school work I somehow got through and yet have more to get done. I did manage to paint my nails a few times. That counts for something right? I decided to wear my two A-Englands from the Legends collection. These were the two I HAD to have before the others. And that's saying something considering there's a green holo, a teal holo, and a blue glass fleck in the collection. I mean, those are my wheelhouse colors. Let me say this now-the photos are shit compared to how amazing these look in person. Especially Princess Sabra. It's gorgeous out in the sun but could I get one decent pic of it? You know I couldn't. So let's get started.
Ascalon is a grey and purple duochrome holo. Let me repeat that. A grey/purple duochrome holo. Goodness. My pictures are heavy on the grey, but the purple is very much visible in person. The holo effect is scattered and, as always much better in the sun. 
This is two coats. It dried okay with the time. But  most holo are on the quicker side of drying. The formula was amazing and easy to work with, and when I did add a topcoat the next day the effect didn't wear off. Winner.
Next is Princess Sabra (or Tristam's Eyes). How do you even describe this one? Gold? Olive? It's a combination of the two with a scatter holo effect. Just call it amazing.
Formula was great as well. Two coats. Dried well. Holo effect didn't wear when I added topcoat. Again, this one is so amazing out in the sun. I hate my crap of a camera for not really catching it. Bah.

So those are the two polishes I wore during my way too much school work but what's new with me week. LOVE THEM. If nothing else, get them because the colors are majorly unique, especially among holos,. I got these from Overall Beauty, but they're available a few places, like Ninja Polish and Llarowe and the A-England site itself. I think they're having a sale today so if you decide to make a purchase, get these two. You won't regret it. Promise.


  1. Gorgeous hun! I only recently tried holographic for the first time.. following u x

    1. Aww, thank you. :)

      Holos are just so beautiful to look at. I highly recommend the A-England ones, as well as the Hits Brazilian brand ones. And, if you can get your hands on the old OPI DS series ones. I've never tried the much loved China Glaze OMG or Kaleidoscope collections...