April 2, 2012

OPI-I Have a Herring Problem

It's not a bright blue, but this is what I wore for World Autism Awareness Day. I Have a Herring Problem is from the recently released OPI Holland collection. As much as I have a fascination with almost all things Dutch, I was only really intrigued with this, A Roll in the Hague (which I have), and I Don't Give a Rotterdam (which I don't have).
I Have a Herring Problem is a medium dusty blue with lots of silver and gold shimmer. Or maybe micro glitter. Actually, what's the difference between the two? The shimmer is very obvious in person and you can easily tell the two colors, but in pictures it's sketchy.
The formula on this was thin and I needed three coats for complete coverage. But I also applied it thinly. Maybe thicker coats will results in only two being needed. It dried okay. Not as fast as I was thinking for a thin formula, but not slowly either. Hmm...there's not much else to really say about this polish. I did end up liking it more than I thought I would after it dried even if it took three coats. Okay, there's that. If you love OPI and blue polish then I suggest getting it. It's nice to have.


  1. Gorgeous! I passed on this one since it was so close to the Zoya one from the spring collection.

    1. Yeah, I don't plan on getting that one because I have this. But they're both very pretty.