March 21, 2012

Hunger Games Week: China Glaze-Fast Track

I'm still up so it's still Tuesday for me, even if it is Wednesday technically. Fast Track was the polish I was going to wear first, but was too busy to put it on. After applying it that seems more and more like a good idea.
Fast Track is a tan nude polish with lots (and I mean lots...hella lots) of gold, green, and even a speck or two of orange glitter. Now, I'm not a nude person. I just don't like them, mostly because nudes on me don't give the allusion of, you know, nude. But this polish may have change my mind. It's gorgeous. The glitter doesn't over power the tan base, but it sparkles like crazy. It's just awesome.
This was two coats. It was streaky with the first but even out nicely in the second. A third would have made it darker, but I'm happy with this. It dried on the slower side, which surprised me. Are most nudes like that? Even with a quick dry topcoat it dried slow. Weird.
Anyway, I love this. I'll give you that this is going to be one of those polishes that may depend on skin tone whether one likes it or not. I like the light tan glitter with my skin tone. This one polish has made me rethink nudes. I don't think I'm ever going to be a major fan of them, but I won't just brush them aside from now on. Huzzah.


  1. I love it, too!!
    I think it reminds me of ChG White Cap mixed into a pale beige, pretty neat!!!

    1. Huh, it does. Maybe that's what they did to make this polish? I need to get White Cap now. :)

      Thanks for commenting.

  2. This is gorgeous on you! I wonder how it compares to the nudes from Cult Nails in the Nekkid collection.

    1. I was wondering the same thing too. I think I'm going to pick up a few during the $5 sale. I actually want those now.

      And thanks! :)