March 19, 2012

Hunger Games Week: China Glaze-Stone Cold

This is going to be Hunger Games week here on Doing My Nails. Not that I've read the books or anything. Nor do I plan on seeing the movie. But I loved some of the polishes in the collection and had to get them. And since the movie is releasing this week why the hell not?

I didn't intend to start with this polish, but since I'm currently swamped with school work this one came in handy. Stone Cold is the matte polish of the group. It's a dark grey with lots of silver shimmer. Or is it black with lots of silver shimmer? Either way, it's awesome. I actually don't have any other grey or black mattes in my collection so I can't really compare it to anything unfortunately. This reminds me of the OPI Suedes that came out a few years ago, with all the silver shimmer in it. The formula on this was very much like a matte. Thick, but went on well. I did two coats because I got a few streaks, but I'm pretty sure that was all in how I applied it. And it dried like a typical matte, very quickly.
Nothing else more to say. I really like this one. It actually got me thinking, why didn't China Glaze release a matte collection like all the other companies did two-three years ago when the trend was hot? They gave us the topcoat, but not the polishes itself. (If I'm wrong about this please correct me.) I wish they'd release one. I think they got the matte formula down.


  1. I haven't gotten any from this set, but I want riveting. I read the first book 2 weeks ago just because of all the hype...not my genre at all.

    1. Riveting in the bottle is beautiful. I'm saving that one for last. If you only got one polish from this collection, make sure it's that.

      I don't even have all that much interest in the books (although it does kind of sound like something I could get into). The movie trailers look good but...meh. I don't watch many movies anyway. I won't miss it.