March 17, 2012

Sinful Colors Olympia and Cult Nails Toxic Seaweed

Happy St. Patrick's Day everyone. My last green mani for the week. Olympia is a muted mint green. I don't have Zoya Bevin or OPI Thanks a Windmillion, but I think this could be a very comparable dupe for the two if you rather pay $1.99 for the color. The formula was so-so. Not the greatest but okay to work with. A bit thick and it dried slower than you would think for a pastel-y color. It did dry very shiny though. Was surprised by that.
Added Toxic Seaweed on top because I hadn't used it yet. TS is THICK as hell and a bit tricky to work with. But it's worth it. It's sparkly and shiny. I used two thin coats and it dried pretty okay. I suggest using the two thin coats with this one and just build the glitter up.
I don't know if I love this mani or not, but it's what I'm wearing today. I definitely like it though. I don't think you can get Toxic Seaweed anymore (it was LE) but Olympia is a part of Sinful Colors Spring Cast Away collection.


  1. Very pretty! I noticed Toxic Seaweed is starting to become very popular. I'm thinking about getting it for myself!

    1. I haven't been to the Cult Nails website in a while, but I do know that Maria isn't bringing this back once it is sold out. So if it's still there get it now! I don't know if I would chance it and wait until the April 7 sale.

      and thank you!

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    1. Yeah, something different.