February 1, 2011


Another Zoya polish from their Facebook  promotion. Savita was a part of their Matte Fall/Winter 2009 collection. I’ve coveted this  polish since it’s released, just never got around to getting it. I love mattes and I love purples, so this is kind of like heaven for me.

As with most mattes, this dries faster than regular polish. It’s not the fastest drying matte I have, but I like that. I was able to do a few corrections and not have my nails look like complete junk. It was by far the best matte formula I’ve worked with. Unfortunately these pictures don’t do it justice. The actual polish isn’t as dark and it doesn’t show the red shimmer. It looks gorgeous under a topcoat, but since I love mattes I didn’t put one on (I put the topcoat on a friend and she liked it a lot more afterwards). If you have any little nail problems like I do it’s not going to hide them, even with a basecoat. And as a rule I use basecoat everytime I do my nails; I used a ridge filling base and it still didn’t cover them up. But no matter. Also, I’ve had this on for a day so far and I have one tiny little chip. With other mattes it would have already been chipped beyond belief. Or maybe you can believe it.

I love Savita. I have a feeling I’ll be wearing this a lot. 



  1. I've got this and Kelly still untried. Great to see them on you!

  2. Try it! Both really are beautiful. These are my first Zoyas and I couldn't be more impressed with them. I think Kelly may be one of my favorite polishes period.