March 24, 2011

China Glaze-Secret Peri-wink-le

Taking a bit of a break on the Zoyas (I have another order coming-oh yeah, I participated in that BOGO sale. I said it was going to be the last one until May or June-and going back to China Glaze for a bit. Secret Peri-wink-le was from the Operation Color Fall 2008 Collection. I wasn't much into polish then so this is new to me. I'm actually a bit hesitant at showing this because the pictures don't show what's on my nails.
As you can see, that looks blue. Sky blue. What's on my nails is purple. Purplish. It ain't this. Which sucks because I really love the violet color that's on my nails. Bah. I did a Google Image Search and only two pictures show it as the purple that's on my nails. All the others show it as blue. I don't even know. This must be one of those camera not picking up purples or blues correctly things.
outdoors, with flash
Anyway, I really like this, even if the second coat went on a bit thick. It did dried quickly.  I think that's it. I'm still upset with how the pictures turned out. Double bah.


  1. It's hard to photograph, it's not your fault, I ahd the same issues :(

    This is a favorite of mine, I love this color! So pretty, bright and creamy! :)

  2. Still looks gorgeous! I have this one on the way to me right now and can't wait!

  3. @Jackie-Well that sucks. Sad cause it's a pretty color on its own.

    @ABOP-You'll love it. It screams spring to me and that's why I got it.

    Thanks you guys!

  4. Pretty color! Have to get this one.

  5. Yeah, it is. I highly recommend it.

    Thanks for the comment!

  6. That color is so beautiful! I'm in love with it!!

  7. So am I. I just wish the real color came through more.

    Thanks for your comment!