March 28, 2011

Oke Doke-Steal This Teal and Purple Nurple

One of the reasons I hate living in Charleston is that we get things so much later than everywhere else in the country. I'm not on a Mac, but we didn't get an Apple store until two years ago. The nearest one was in North Carolina before that. Really. And the same goes for nail polish. I've been coveting these two Oke Doke polishes since I saw the first swatches of them back in January. Know when we got them? Earlier this month. March y'all. March! 

Anyway, what I have are Steal This Teal and Purple Nurple. First up, Steal This Teal. I didn't expect to like this one when I finally opened the bottle and painted a quick stripe across one nail. I usually love these types of colors, but I wasn't feeling it. On first glance it just looks like a regular teal polish.
indoors,natural light
But after you look a little closer you see it. The green shimmer. I kind of want this polish to be called something else. Something that has to do with the ocean or a mermaid or something because that's what it reminds me off. It really has that glow from within thing going on. And you can't see the shimmer until you're under a direct light source. And even then, you have to move your fingers around to see it. It's really nice.
indoors, artificial light. i hope y'all can see the shimmer.
Great opacity after two coats. Wasn't too thick or thin, just right. And it dried fast. Much faster than I was expecting. As the day has gone on I'm loving this more and more.

Next polish is Purple Nurple. I'm not a big glitter person but I knew what I was getting when I bought this. I figured every collector needs a dark purple glitter in their collection, and since I don't particularly like glitters I might as well go with one for $1.99. But again, I was pleasantly surprised. I really like this one too!
indoors, artificial light
Like STT, you don't really see the glitter unless you're under a direct light source. And then you can see the purple, pink, and even a hint of blue glitter within the polish. The formula on this was thinner than STT, but again good opacity in two coats. And again, dried quickly.
indoors, artificial light. trying to show a closeup of the glitter.
Now, what I didn't like from both is that the bottle is small. My problem isn't that the bottle is small, it's that because the bottle is small so is the brush. It's very small and you either need a good bead at the end or resign yourself to go back a few times to completely cover your nail. And, while I love the subtle shimmer in STT and the subtle glitter in PN, it kind of makes me upset you can see the shimmer and glitter more clearly in the bottle. But those are minor. For $1.99 you can't go wrong with these. I really like them. I hope Oke Doke comes out with more colors cause I'd happily buy more. I got these at Rite Aid, but I'm sure you could find them at almost any drugstore. Unless you live in Charleston, SC, in which case you have to wait almost three months later and can only find them in the Charleston/North Charleston area, no where else.

Okay. Over it now.


  1. They are. I wish I had gotten the full effect of Steal This Teal. These pictures doesn't do it justice. Can't beat it for $1.99.